TW Sherrin

Julie’s process driven works and drawings usually form a large scale and often performative commemoration of endurance and mark-making through use of traditional materials. Drawing with the left and right hand simultaneously and working from memory, she combines subject and process to create an immovable past tense and material history that displays itself in the explicit residue of manual labour; Drawing, by its own implication hides nothing and reveals all, immediately.

Between these larger drawings, Julie creates projects that query the way memories of journeys reconstruct in a non-linear and associative fashion. These projects, largely based on iconic subject and endurance, have included: 400 drawings created over 24 hours on a bus traveling the Hume Highway; 300 drawings created stopping at every Milk Bar along the Franskton train line; 50 EH Holdens signed by friends; an animation of 2000 photos taken while driving along the Hume; Hume Highway journeys recreated in darkness, drawn over 24 hours; and 800 drawings created while watching car chase movies. All projects are then exhibited and re-categorised according to memory.

The ‘500 Sherrins’ project is based on the nostalgic impetus to come back from a journey or another place, to what is ‘homely’, and how that can evolve and shift over time, or stay staunchly the same. The selected sketches form part of the larger body of work.


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